Learn how to rock the lipstick fashion like Sulli, Jennie and Bae Suzy

LOVE For Lipstick? Sulli, Jennie, Bae Suzy Show How To Wear Dark Lipstick Like A Pro

The land of South Korea has been blessed with some of the finest talents in the global entertainment industry and all thanks to social media and YouTube, K-pop artistes have been able to spread their work like wildfire. Not just are they fantastic singers but they are equally good dancers on stage and their live concerts prove it all. As far as being fashion icons from the world of K-pop is concerned, we can instantly resonate with just three names and they are Sulli, Jennie and Bae Suzy.

Women and their love for mysterious and dark shade lipsticks is not an alien concept for the world. No matter which part of the world they belong to, the common love for dark shade lipsticks show and Sulli, Jennie and Bae Suzy are no different. Their dark shade lipstick and lipgloss looks come off even hotter when they give away those sexy pouts for their fans. All three of them are hotties in their own right and the dark lipstick shades only enhance their already sexy avatar.

Their love for dark shade lipsticks is visible to the world and all three of them are sexiness personified in them. But readers, if we ask you to pick one among them as the hottest in dark shade lipstick, whom would you pick and why?

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