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Hollywood has given us some really super talented singers. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez are equally amazing. Tell us who sings well.

Miley Cyrus Vs Selena Gomez Vs Jennifer Lopez: Which Lady Singer Sings Well?

Miley Cyrus is popular since the Hannah Montana days playing the role of Miley Stewart. She is also a philanthropist who has associated with many NGOs and organisations. She is a melodious singer who has got a lot of fame from her songs.  From Fly On The Wall (2008) to Slide Away (2019), she has made her audience connect to her songs. Her song, Wrecking Ball (2013) was quite controversial but one of her best songs. The song brought her several awards.

On the other hand, Selena Gomez, received her recognition from her performance in the TV show, Barney & Friend (2002-2004). Even though she started her journey with acting, she received a lot of love for her voice. By the year 2017, she has sold about 7 million albums and 22 million singles all over the world. Selena is one of the best-selling musing artists of Hollywood who has come with one after another hits, from Slow Down (2013) to Rare (2020). She was recognised as the Billboard Woman of the Year, 2017.

But Jennifer Lopez goes no less. She has gained her fame from her empowering and catchy songs that can make anyone move with it. The song, On The Floor (2011) is one of her biggest hits. Apart from acting, she has won several awards with her songs. Her songs are always energetic and powerful.

It’s hard to decide who sings best among them. Who do you think sings well? Miley or Selena or Jennifer?

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