Sayantani Ghosh talks about her love for music.

Music is very important to me: Sayantani Ghosh

Sayantani Ghosh the talented and versatile actress who is presently playing the part of SimSim exquisitely well in the Sony SAB show Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul, loves music to the core. She listens to soothing music whenever she has time. She follows a routine of hearing the best songs.

In a candid chat with, Sayantani talks about her passion for music.

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What is your go-to song?

Lag jaa gale and Ajeeb daastaan

What is the one song that makes you very happy and charged up after a tiring day?

After a tiring day it depends on what I wanna hear then…so depends on my day and mood.

The significance of listening to songs for you is:

Music has a very important role to play in getting people better. Even doctors use it for hypnosis and more. I love to dance, so music is very important to me. I travel to Naigaon every day so it is soothing to hear to songs, and during workouts, a good peppy number will do me good.

What is your favourite song?

Rangi saari’s latest edition, I love it. Apart from my go-to songs I love old numbers, it makes me come alive. For Ex: Dil cheez kya hai and in most recent times, the Arijit Singh number, I Love Kabira.

What is the one song that has one memory related to it?

Many songs have memories attached to it. One of them is Pehla pyaar hai tera.

The Lyrics of the song you remember the best:

I remember all lines mostly but I love roz roz aankhon tale.

A song that you love singing to your life partner?

Again, Roz roz aankhon tale, I sang this to Anugrah and he liked it.

A song that describes your family:

We don’t have a family song, we are a mad family and a loving one at that.