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Jennifer Lopez has won the hearts of millions with her melodious voice apart from her outstanding acting. Check out the musical journey of the melody queen.

The Musical Journey Of Melody Queen Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, who is also known by the name, J. Lo is definitely one of the multi-talented celebrities of Hollywood. She is a singer, actress, producer, dancer, businesswoman, and fashion designer. Well, probably no other in Hollywood is as much talented as her. She has made her name in both by her performances in movies and with her melodious voice. In 1991, the star initiated her career in the industry as a dancer with her debut as Fly Girl in In Living Color (1900-1994). Later, she decided to pursue a career in acting in 1993. She had made her name in Hollywood by 1999 when she entered the music industry.

Her first debut album was, On the 6 (1999). Lopez’s second studio album J. Lo (2001) and her romantic comedy The Wedding Planner (2001) got released together. This made her the first woman to have the number one album and film in the same week in Hollywood. Her musical career took off to a great height. The album, J. Lo was debuted as No. 1 album in the pop chart. Her song, On the Floor (2011) listed in the Guinness World Record for ‘Highest Viewed Female Music Video of All Time’ in 2012. Her songs from, On the 6 (1999) to A.K.A (2014) are empowering and can make you twirl along with it anytime. She has received several awards from Billboard Awards to MTV Music Awards.
It’s hard to say in which field does the star excels. But her songs have never disheartened her fans.

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