Two Neha’s - one Kakkar one Bhasin who happens to have a heartwarming voice?

Neha Kakkar Vs Neha Bhasin Songs: Battle Of Voice

The Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka of the industry, Neha Kakkar is someone to talk about. Her peppy voice has become a dhamaka in the music industry. Her voice on the radio is enough to make the crowd go frenzy. A few of her many top hits like Mile Ho Tum, Coca Cola, Mahi Ve, Naina, O Saki Saki, Aankh Marey, Hook up Song. She knows how to get the temperature high with her voice and set a mood.

The Punjabi singer Neha Bhasin is one trending star of the town. Her voice has left all her fans to go frenzy. She not just sings Hindi but is well known for her Punjabi folk music. Whenever she is performing she surely gives blaster shows for her fans. Known for her songs like Dhunki, Kuch Khass Hai and many other superhits. Some of her Punjabi folk songs are Jaana, Akh Kashni and many more.

Who has a soulful voice and would win the battle of voices? Neha Kakkar or Neha Bhasin

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