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Hottest Girl In Skinny Shorts: Nicki Minaj VS Dua Lipa VS Madonna?

Nicki Minaj VS Dua Lipa VS Madonna: Hottest Girl In Skinny Shorts

Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa, and Madonna are some of the top Hollywood stars who have been marvelous in their field. Apart from their professional skills they have a great fashion sense too.

Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian-American singer, actress, and rapper, who has made her fans go crazy over her songs. Besides, her rapping and singing, her style game has been inspiring for many. Nicki Minaj can slay in any outfit, from red carpet looks to skinny shorts looks. The singer has been quite high with her fashion game.

Talking about the emerging English pop singer, Dua Lipa, she has now become one of the best pop-singers in the Hollywood Music Industry. Other than her singing career, Dua Lipa is a fashion star, where she sets many fashion goals for young girls’. Dua Lipa has got a fashion taste of different levels.

Madonna has been making heads turn when it comes to fashion. Her style quotient is different from others. Having her own fashion sense, Madonna has now become a fashion star as well. Madonna is said to be the mother of reinvention. She is a fashion icon for more than three decades.

Who is the hottest girl in skinny shorts?

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