The K-pop industry is known for its love of bangs or fringe, and several idols have successfully rocked the style.

Blackpink Lisa

When Lisa made her K-Pop debut in August 2016 with Boombayah, she helped to popularize the short hairstyle. Her distinctive appearance is blonde hair with bangs on the lead dancer. Doesn’t she resemble a Barbie doll in terms of beauty? This styling is popular with the audience!

Red Velvet Yeri To Twice Mina: Whose Bangs Hairdo Is Best? 772846

Twice Sana

The lead singer of Twice, Sana, is renowned for her distinctive bangs, which are frequently clipped bluntly and straight to elongate her face precisely. Her hits have become essential to her appearance and give off a youthful, carefree vibe.

Red Velvet Yeri To Twice Mina: Whose Bangs Hairdo Is Best? 772847

Red Velvet Irene

Irene from Red Velvet is another superstar who slays the bangs style. She wears her bangs in a wispy, untidy manner that gives her an elegant and trendy appearance. She is one of the most fashionable idols in the business thanks to her bangs, which also draw attention to her delicate features.

Red Velvet Yeri To Twice Mina: Whose Bangs Hairdo Is Best? 772849

Blackpink Jennie

Other idols that have worn bangs include BLACKPINK’s Jennie, whose charges are frequently worn straight and blunt to accentuate her angular features. Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation is another idol who has sported bangs in various ways, including a wispy, side-swept style that gives her overall appearance a romantic feel.

Red Velvet Yeri To Twice Mina: Whose Bangs Hairdo Is Best? 772850

Bangs can be styled in various ways to fit numerous appearances, making them a flexible hairstyle. Others choose a wispy, messy hairstyle that adds a laid-back vibe, while some idols choose a straight, blunt cut that offers a sleek and polished appearance.

The ability to pull off the appearance is one thing all idols with bangs have in common. Bangs can be a daring option, and it takes some self-assurance to wear them well. However, if done correctly, bangs can give a distinctive and alluring element to an idol’s overall appearance, helping them stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion, numerous K-pop idols have successfully rocked the look of bangs as a trendy hairdo with compelling outcomes. Numerous celebrities, including Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, Sana of Twice, and Irene of Red Velvet, BLACKPINK Lisa, have confidently adopted the bangs hairstyle. Bangs may give an idol’s whole appearance a distinctive and alluring touch, whether done in a straight, blunt cut or a wispy, untidy manner.

Source : koreaboo