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From being a small-town guy to becoming the top artist in India and gaining an international position is something that has happened to Guru Randhawa in quick time. Let’s know the rise of Guru Randhawa.

The rise of Guru Randhawa

If you like contemporary Punjabi songs, Guru Randhawa is someone hard to miss. He is a small town buddy making such great developments that got him into Bollywood and also had a collab with Pitbull.

Should we blame the trending Punjabi songs that are an overwhelming response from the masses? They are presently the must party anthem or a must in Bollywood movie. Maybe blame it on their addictive nature and the fact that they have high heart-pumping music is why people love them so much. And that is what made Guru Randhawa one of the most celebrated singers. If not on charts you might have heard him on the radio from High Rated Gabru to Suit Suit, he is the best.

With a black leather jacket and a desi swag, Randhawa is a man with swag. His voice is hard to miss and you will make it a habit to listen to him on loops. After his debut with Suit Suit, he made headlines for his other song Ban Ja Rani. And since then he has been loved in the industry.

All the fame and identity didn’t come Guru’s way overnight. As he has been born to entertain and was into the field for quite some time before actually being noticed. Well surely sooner or later he did manage to shine out. Some of his other amazing songs include Patola, Slowly Slowly (collab with Pitbull), Lahore, Made In India and many more that have hit millions on YouTube.

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