Check out who carried the checkered outfits well among the three Hollywood pop singers!

Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande: Who Pulled Off The Checkered Outfits Well?

Checkered outfits are really trendy and stylish. This fashion is not only adapted by men, but also by women. Everyone is loving the style, and it has been a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Seeing Hollywood stars in them is really awe-struck. The stalwarts of the Hollywood music industry and the pop sensation, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande have always been a fashion inspiration for many. Seeing them in plaid checkered fabrics is really something worth admiring.

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The three singers have never failed to make us excited with their melodious voice. They have received a lot of love and support from their fans. But they have also excited us with their classy and sassy style statements. They have been spotted in the checkered attires a lot of time, on various occasions.

Selena Gomez, the American singer and the songwriter is no doubt, a fashion icon. She has been seen in a shirt – it was complementing a crop top and pants, with a pair of boots.

Whereas, Miley Cyrus, another Hollywood singer, has also won our hearts by her wonderful voice. She has also made everyone stunned by her style evolution. The beauty has been seen in plaid shirts too. She was once seen in a black and white checkered split dress, which made her look sexier than before.

On the other hand, the sass queen, Ariana Grande, has influenced a huge mass by her iconic style. The fashion chic has been seen in plaid and checkered attires a lot of times. From shirt to dress, she has been seen in all. But, her checkered mini skirt look, with a solid top, and her iconic style is really adorable.

Have a look at these pictures of the singers in the checkered style. And let us know who pulled off the style well among them!

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