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Check out if Selena Gomez is having a new boyfriend or not!

Does Selena Gomez Have A New Boyfriend? Real Or Fake

Selena Gomez has gained a lot of love, fame, and popularity over the ages. The renowned American actress, pop singer, and lyricist is loved by all her fans and followers all over the world. She is currently one of the leading faces of the global English music industry. Apart from being a great singer, Selena Gomez established her career as an actress. She has got a lot of love, support, and popularity from her fans and followers after she appeared in the popular TV show back then, on ‘Disney’, named ‘Wizards Of Waverly Palace’, during her teenhood days. Selena Gomez has emerged rapidly to be one of the top singers in the global English music industry.

Selena Gomez has gone through lots of ups and downs. She has been stuck into several relationship controversies before in the past. Her relationship with The Weekend and Justin Bieber has always been the heated one, and everyone remembers it. All her fans and followers still wonder if Selena Gomez is dating someone new or not. Recently, during her show on HBO Max called ‘Selena + Chef’, she was found blushing after receiving a text from a ‘cute guy’. There has been no evidence as of yet but the fans predict it to be her new boyfriend or someone she is dating. But the singer didn’t declare anything. So, as of now, there is no confirmed news of Selena Gomez having a boyfriend, hence as of now, she is single.

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