The singing sensation spills the beans about her tattoo…

 Selena Gomez reveals her secret behind getting a tattoo: Watch Video

We already know how cool Selena Gomez is — but her tattoos maybe even cooler. The beautiful singer has around 13 tattoos inked on her body and each one has a meaning to it. She is a fan of delicate but impactful designs. All of Selena’s tattoos are symbolic of something significant to her life or something she is passionate about. In 2014 Selena got a tattoo in Arabic on her upper back.

Selena Gomez has made her self-love mantra permanent. Selena revealed that she took the longest time to understand that she can’t please everybody. She added that she loves to make others happy and take care of them but she also can take care of herself and find what makes her happy. The reason to get the Arabic translation of the phrase “Love Yourself First” was her step towards self-love. Selena Gomez wanted to get the tattoo for a long time and knew what she exactly wanted and so the tattoo was done in a span of 30-45 minutes.

Take a look at the video and stay tuned for more such updates.

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