Selena Gomez has given us some songs which were truly inspirational…

Selena Gomez songs that inspire her fans

Selena Gomez is an inspirational figure who has touched the hearts of millions of people with her music. She has a fan following in millions and they love her work. Some of her song lyrics strike the right cords and inspire you. Most of her songs have a deep meaning and we can’t help ourselves from listening to them on repeat. Here are a few songs of this sensational singer that inspire her fans.

Spotlight: This song focuses on how individuals deal with issues of being alone. It gives fans the inner strength to deal with their demons and know that they are not alone.

When you feel like nothing, everybody’s something
You and your friend, everybody jump in
Look at us now, everybody shout out
Oh, in the spotlight
No matter what you’re outside, get in with your inside
Open your eyes, you deserve a spotlight

Lose you to love me: The song is all about self-love which is so important in every aspect irrespective of any circumstance and sometimes its best to let go of things to make things better for yourself.

We’d always go into it blindly
I needed to lose you to find me
This dance, it was killing me softly
I needed to hate you to love me, yeah

Who says: This song gives the needed motivation in difficult times and to think only about oneself rather than the people around.

Who says you don’t pass the test?
Who says you can’t be the best?
Who said, who said?
Would you tell me who said that?

Kill em with kindness: The world needs love over hatred and to take over the evil you need to be good. This song inspires to be kind irrespective of the people around and their attitude towards you.

The world can be a nasty place
You know it, I know it, yeah
We don’t have to fall from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with
Kill ’em with kindness

Let us know of the other magical songs of Selena Gomez apart from these which inspire you.

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