These songs are the reason we adore Justin Bieber.

Songs That Make Justin Bieber Our Favorite Musician!

Justin Bieber is one of the youngest solo artists to have made history to release 7 number one albums. Though at a point, his song was the most disliked song on YouTube today, his songs are one of the most top-rated tracks. Despite receiving tremendous hate and criticism from the masses, he kept going and getting better to become the most adored artist. Today his voice is the One we can’t get enough.

Justin Bieber, with his charms, has always impressed the listeners with his effortlessly incredible songs. Here are some songs that worked its magic on listeners’ hearts and turned to be great hits.

Beauty and a Beat

Though this song, if looked up close, is quite cringe-worthy. There are a few catchy moments that overall cover the uncomfortable lyrics. Overall, the music is excellent.

I’m the One

This song is perfect and fun to listen to. The song was on number one for a week proving to be a hit. With DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber, the music is worth the shot.

Let Me Love You

One of the best songs with a high beat. This song is worth listening to loops without being guilty. Moody and EDM-Pop are what makes the music so contagious.

Cold Water

Both Major Lazer and Justin Bieber are at their best in this song. A perfect combination of the duo with perfect cheesy emotions injecting in our veins.


One of the most misunderstood and hated song by Justin Bieber. But if given a second chance, the music doesn’t seem too bad. The song is the reason behind the fame of Justin Bieber, and we can’t miss young Bieber singing ‘Baby’ and go weak in our knees.

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