Who looks the hottest in these special outfits between Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie & Rose?

From Street Style To Red Carpet: BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie And Rose HOTTEST Looks

The Blackpink girls are currently enjoying a much-deserving spree of success and no wonder, they are enjoying an all-time high in their careers at the moment. The Blackpink girls recently had their biggest global commercial success in the form of ‘Ice Cream’ which also marked their first-ever collaboration with the very amazing Selena Gomez.

No wonder the Blackpink girls are extremely adored for their songs and dancing talent but if there’s something else that they pull off easily with a lot of comfort, it is the game of fashion. Be it rocking it in sexy mini dresses and short skirt outfits or looking all graceful and charming in fashionable designer gowns, the ‘Fab Four’ of Jennie, Rose, Lisa & Jennie can pull off both extremes with a lot of ease. But which avatar between the two looks the best and hottest on them and who among them according to you is the hottest personality?

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