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Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez are packed with talent and ruling the music industry…

Is Taylor Swift Better Than Jennifer Lopez?

Taylor Swift is a singer known for narrative songs about her personal life. Having sold more than 50 million albums, she is one of the world’s best-selling music artists and the highest-earning female musician. As a songwriter, Taylor Swift has been honoured by the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The world-famous singer has sung over 200 plus songs and is ruling the music industry all over with her soulful soft voice. She is ruling Hollywood since her debut album and is continuing to do so. Taylor Swift has won numerous awards for her songs and is the most-awarded woman at the Billboard Music Awards with 23 wins.

Jennifer Lopez is a versatile artist who can do it all. Be it singing, acting, dancing, business, she is up for everything and does it to perfection. She has influenced the audience with her music for over 20 years.  She has carved out a successful music career of her own and has been one of the best Hollywood singers. Jennifer Lopez is known for her vibrant yet smooth songs. The popularity of the multi-talented Jennifer Lopez reached new heights in early 2001 when her album J. Lo debuted at No. 1 on the pop charts. With 8 studio albums and over 60 singles, she has some of the best songs.

Both these singers are widely followed for their amazing songs and are great artists. Let us know if you think whether Taylor Swift is better than Jennifer Lopez or vice versa.

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