Darshan Raval had a great impact after his song Tera Zikr. Read below to know more

Things you didn’t know about Darshan Raval’s life after Tera Zikr

Darshan Raval has been the current sensation in the music industry. He is India’s biggest breakout. Before becoming a singing sensation, let’s know how Darshan Raval started his journey.

Darshan Raval is from Ahmedabad and was a contestant at television show ‘India’s Raw Star’. He gained a good reputation for his voice and then like ‘a bomb being dropped’, there was his single Tera Zikr which gained 163 million views within a short time. And thus, Darshan became a voice of this era.

Darshan Raval came into media attention after that song and could be considered to be the next romantic king of the music industry. After his song Tera Zikr, it was like if you didn’t know who Darshan was, it is like living under a rock. That’s how much he was loved and appreciated.

After that started the era of Darshan and since then he has given many hits. He has the magic to his voice that gets you drawn towards him. His two blockbusters surely are a must add-on to your dandia night playlist Chogada and Kamariya. Also, his concerts are very much lively. An incredible voice of this era made to rule.

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