Throughout the years, Selena Gomez has been a strong proponent of reintroducing ’90s trends that were both readily welcomed and the more contentious styles of the era. In any case, she manages to make each old-style appear fresh and current.

Selena Gomez’s clothing is, indeed, a ’90s wonderland. She effortlessly transitions from layered baby tees under slip dresses to overalls, high-waisted stovepipe jeans to clunky dad shoes, and so on. On the red carpet, she favors a slinky silk gown combined with strappy stiletto shoes, while casual occasions necessitate everything from jumpsuits to mom jeans, denim minis to choker necklaces, and more.

See her finest evening and daytime ’90s ensembles, as well as how to purchase them, below. This Summer, it’s all about the retro ’90s look, and Gomez is setting the trend.

Selena Gomez is having a slip dress moment, which is so ’90s…especially when she wears it with heeled strappy shoes.

Throwback: Selena Gomez's 90's Style File 786275

Off-duty, Gomez likes a pair of vintage high-waisted mom jeans, which she frequently pairs with other ’90s staples like a patterned short-sleeve button-down and dad shoes.

Take a hint from Selena Gomez and get a patterned button-down shirt to wear over your summer pieces.

Throwback: Selena Gomez's 90's Style File 786276

Invest in a pair of high-rise jeans that can be worn with both open-toe sandals, slides, and pumps.