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Know about the occasions when Selena Gomez expressed her love for India

Times When Selena Gomez Expressed Her Love For India

Selena Gomez is currently one of the biggest music sensations in the world at the moment and she’s one of those beauties who has realized her talent and potential to the fullest. She hasn’t just kept herself limited to music but she’s also quite successful as an actress.

Selena has got fans and admirers all over the world but we feel Selena has a thing deep down inside her heart for India. Wondering why we say so? Well, we spill the beans below –

In Selena’s very famous ‘Come & Get It’ song, Selena had used few Hindi words and it also had the flavour of Indian music in it.

Once many years back, Selena surprised the world when she had posted a photo of her’s on Instagram donning the traditional Indian saree and no guesses about the fact that she looked like a diva.

Once during a media interaction, reports in Republic suggest that Selena had expressed the desire to collaborate with the legendary AR Rahman.

These instances certainly prove the fact that this ‘princess’ of Wizards At The Waverly Palace loves India.

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