Check out these top 10 songs by Justin Bieber on YouTube!

Top 10 Justin Bieber’s Songs On YouTube

The biggest pop sensation Justin Bieber has recently launched his brand new album, Changes (2020) which has made everyone got excited with the tracks and the beats. The singer has always come with one after another hit singles from his albums and made his fans go crazy with them. “Beliebers”, his fans are still crazy about the singer and his songs. The whole world of him appreciates his biggest hits, from Baby (2010) to Yummy (2020). One can easily listen to his tracks on repeat, even without getting bored.

Justin’s music videos have got trending a lot of times, on the internet. His videos have received billions of views like Sorry (2015) and What Do You Mean (2015).

Here are the top 10 songs that have become the biggest hits and got trended over YouTube, for a long time.

1.      Sorry (2015)

2.      What Do You Mean? (2015)

3.      Baby (2009)

4.      Love Yourself (2015)

5.      Company (2015)

6.      Intentions (2020)

7.      Yummy (2020)

8.      Boyfriend (2012)

9.      I Don’t Care (2019)

10.   Beauty and a Beat (2013)

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