IWMBuzz tells you about some of the unreleased tracks of Justin Bieber

Top 5 Unreleased Tracks Of Justin Bieber

In today’s world of western music, Justin Bieber is hailed as one of the most influential names. It’s been many years that Justin has been ruling the hearts of his fans as his debut as a singer happened just at the tender age of 13. Who doesn’t remember his famous composition ‘Baby’ that was a rage all over the world? One must credit Justin for becoming the first artiste to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100. Some of his most popular tracks which have had a proper release include Changes, Purpose, Stuck with You, Never Say Never, Eenie Meenie and many more.

Several of Justin’s tracks which have had an official and proper release have made it big but what about the ones which could never have an official release? So today, we bring to you 5 of Justin’s tracks which although became popular among his fans never had a proper release in the market –

1) Broken

2) Looking For You

3) We Were Born For This

4) Always

5) Oh Girl

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