IWMBuzz tells you about the top 5 unreleased tracks of Selena Gomez

Top 5 Unreleased Tracks Of Selena Gomez

When it comes to the world of western music, Selena Gomez’s name is right there at the top. Selena, like most of the top artistes of the industry, started her career way early. She’s a complete star in her own right and the best thing about her is her versatility. From acting to singing to live gigs, she’s globally popular for all and her adorable cute looks are responsible for her being the reason for heartbeat for millions of men all around the world. We all have had our dancing shoes on when it comes to Selena’s songs that have had a proper official release. But guys, what about those songs for which she had put the same amount of effort just like any other song but unfortunately, they never found a way for a proper release in the market? So today, we compile to you 5 of her best songs which are unreleased officially in the market. Check out the list below –

1) Unfamiliar

2) Girl Crush

3) Flawless

4) Can’t steal our love

5) Grateful

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