Take a look at this thoughtful gift that Twice member Mina gave to her family.

Twice's Mina Offered Her Family An Unexpected Gift, Take A Look

TWICE is one of the most popular Girl groups from K-pop. This 9 member group has found quite a lot of fame and fortune over the years. The members are also quite generous when it comes to gifts. Jongyeon spent thousands of dollars on the members for their anniversary gifts.

Mina, also showed just how generous she is when it comes to gifting her family. The idol, according to a Koreboo report, revealed in an interview with Allure Korea about her most memorable gift and it was quite the heartwarming ordeal.

The magazine had asked Mina which gift she shared with someone was the most memorable of them all. She responded that it was a gift that she had given her family. The singer treasures her family and makes sure that they are taken care of! This interaction only seems to prove it!

She revealed that she had once spent tens of thousands of dollars on buying a car for her family. She also added they really appreciated the gift! She said, “I think it would be the car I bought for my mom and my brother. They were very pleased with it.”

This little snippet just goes to show how wealthy she is but also how she prefers to gift her family with something thoughtful and practical. Check out this video where Mina flexes her thoughtful and humble gift. Here is the link.

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