A singer that is all set to rule Bollywood, Darshan Raval is a piece of work

[Video] Reasons to watch Music King Darshan Raval LIVE

There are very few singers found who would do full justice to romance numbers as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the guy to have hit the right chord and managed to like with every heart is none other than Darshan Raval. He is in full mood to take over the industry.

Darshan Raval manages to evoke a certain emotion when it comes to romantic songs. His voice is so magical and the guy himself is so handsome we sure as hell know what is exactly missing in our life. A spiced romance. His voice and soul-touching lyrics get you pulled towards him without your knowledge. A music maestro to have crossed 100 million views for his song Tera Zikr and his recent one to have got him 10 million views.

Now talking about this heartthrob, Darshan Raval has taken the nation by storm but have you ever thought of listening to him live? He is one hell of a performer the next big thing in music. Ever been to his concert?

You will know what I am talking about. He knows how to set the stage on fire and the way he interacts with his audience and creates a mood is sometimes to wish for. His voice is no doubt music to ears but the energy for his live performance is something that you sure as hell don’t want to miss.

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