Art inspires artists; no doubt about that. It has the power to connect people! And when your artistry stands out, it definitely deserves a shoutout! And it’s all the same for this die-hard fan of the celebrated singer Darshan Raval, who added a bit of zeal into Darshan Raval’s daily life as he created a real-life sketch of the notable digital singer.

And the meticulous piece of art didn’t fail to impress the artist Darshan Raval any further. The singer not only reshared it on his social media handle but also showed his love and admiration for the same in comments.

A sneak peek into the real-life sketch

In the captivating video, the artist, known by the name ‘The Art Man,’ mesmerized us through the magic of his sketching prowess. With each stroke of his pencil, he skilfully showcased the singer’s vibrant persona. The intricacy of his artistry became evident as he painstakingly captured every nuance, from the unruly singer’s hair to the depths of his soulful eyes and the contours of his face.

As we watched in awe, it felt as though the artist had unlocked a portrait where art and life joyfully danced together. Check it out below

Darshan Raval wrote, “What a talent ? thank you so much @theartman100 loved it ❤️”

Here take a look-

View Instagram Post 1: Watch: Darshan Raval’s fan creates real-life sketch of the singer

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