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The heartthrob of all is none other than Darshan Raval. We have listed below a few of his best Instagram moments that you all will surely love

Best Darshan Raval Instagram Moments

Darshan Raval is a multi-talented singer and composer, lyricist, actor and performer. He is the best singer in the music industry. He has not just hit the right chord of music but also the hearts of many people. His romantic hit was Tera Zikr that got him into the limelight. Though he has a name being the first runner-up at India’s Raw Star for his song Phir Mohabbat, this Gujarati boy is mostly known for his romantic and sad vocals.

Speaking of Darshan Raval, sky is the only limit for this rising star in the sky of music. Surely he did outshine himself in the cluster of stars by proving that he is different.

If you were ever to go Sherlock Holmes on Darshan Raval’s Instagram feeds, you would find many adorable posts. Right from sexy sizzling photoshoot to some of his concert snaps and videos. There’s a lot that you can find on his page.

Darshan has given us numerous fashion goals as well as a few sneaks from his upcoming songs. We can see a few of his concert performances as well. If you are aware that Darshan is an avid dog lover, there’s an adorable video too. His airport looks to travel destinations snaps will make you go for a mini-vacay.

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