BLACKPINK members have a strong bond of friendship and camaraderie, which is evident. The members of BLINKS have expressed support for the fact that they are quite laid-back and have a sisterly bond. Jennie and Lisa have an incredible bond in BLACKPINK. Fans like BLACKPINK’s enigmatic rappers Jennie and Lisa or JenLisa as they are often known. JenLisa’s rap-duet segment radiated feisty gossip girl vibes, marking a memorable moment for JenLisa!

‘I’m feeling like a sinner, It’s so hot with him that I go boo hoo, He said you’re insane,’ Thank you, baby; you’re the one who got me all twisted up. BLINKS like Jennie and Lisa, therefore they proudly declared their ship name, ‘JenLisa,’ to their followers! Lisa is an energetic bunny, and Jennie isn’t exactly a fan of her extravagance. BLINKS erupted in applause as Jennie delivered a heartfelt Thai address to Lisa. Jennie’s nice words about Lisa moved Lisa to tears, and she was seen wiping her eyes, Aww.

Lisa’s parents, her mother, a homemaker, and her father, a chef, paid BLACKPINK a surprise visit. Lisa’s mother also hugged Jennie, who was clearly moved by seeing Lisa’s parents. JenLisa came on a dinner date with their parents, according to Jennie, and it was a lovely time of connecting between the members.

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