Over the years we have been gifted with some of the best pop singers there are. These stars are not only loved due to their amazing hits but also their fitness and diet mantras. One such star we all know and love is Miley Cyrus and we’re here to tell you more about her.

Take these diet and fitness tips from Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is without any doubt one of the most loved singers in the pop music industry. She was loved ever since we first spotted her on the industry and she now has a massive fan base of millions all over the world who just can’t stop loving her dearly. This comes as no surprise knowing what a great artist she is. She is loved for her amazing voice and strong personality.

She was first spotted on screen through the famous Disney channel show called Hannah Montana where she played the role of Hannah and Miley. She then entered the pop music industry and created some great hits like Wrecking Ball, Malibu and When I Look At You. The star is now famous for her fitness and diet mantras. When it comes around her diet the star has gone vegan for quite some time now and consumes only plant-based diet entirely. When it comes to fitness while most celebs choose to hit the gym. The star has taken a more committed approach through yoga and Pilates. She is quite a strict yogi where she follows the exercise for two hours every day for Sox days every week. We can clearly see the great results of the diet and fitness mantras in her recent performance where she flaunts her new pair of abs and a great body.

We hope to see the star continuing to be herself and soaring to greater heights. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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