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The pop music industry in the past few years has gifted us with some of the best singers we have ever known. These stars have stolen our hearts with their phenomenal music time and again. We too know two such singers and need your help to choose between them.

Taylor Swift VS Lady Gaga: The battle of the best pop singers

Taylor Swift is by far one of the most loved stars in the pop music industry. She was loved ever since we first heard her track when she started off as a country singer. The star first made great love songs like Love Story, Hey Stephen and Ours. She is now out here making party anthems with some sass to them like Bad Blood, Shake it Off and Me.

On the other hand we have Lady Gaga who had been loved by the world for a decade now. The star is loved by a fan base of millions all over the world for her great tracks that we cannot resist. The star started off with great party anthems like Born This Way, Just Dance, Bad Romance and Telephone. It is recently that she has started showing her emotional side through songs like Shallow, a Million Reason and I’ll never love again.

We think both the stars are equally great and deserving of the title and cannot seem to choose between them. Here is where we need your help. So let us know below who you think should win this battle.

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