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The pop music industry has gifted us with some of its best artists to groove ever since our teenage years. Some of these stars have not only blown us away with their hit tracks but also their sensational looks. One such stress we all know is Taylor Swift and we’re here to tell you more about her rules when it comes to style.

Taylor Swift’s style rules that have followed for decades

Taylor Swift has been one of our favorite pop stars ever since we first heard her tracks. We still remember jamming to her famous tracks like Love Story and You Belong With Me in the starting years. However, very few fans are aware that the star first started her journey through music from the country music world where she rocked it too. She now has soared to a much greater height and has a fan base of millions all over the world.

Even to this date, she is providing us with some of the quality hits we could ever ask for. Few of her recent hits include Look What You Made Me Do and You Need To Calm Down which we groove to every now and then. However while she has traveled through different genres of music, one thing that she has not changed is her rules when it comes to her style game. Taylor has been known to her chic looks over the years that mostly include boots and a crop top paired with shorts or skirts with her signature red lipstick. However when it comes to red carpet events is when she steals the show with her glamorous outfits and shimmery bright colours like blood orange and teal.

We hope to hear more of Taylor’s hits and see more of her chic looks in the future. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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