Some of Guru Randhawa's terrific albums loved by the masses

10 Amazing Guru Randhawa’s Albums

Guru Randhawa is a hit Punjabi singer in the industry. A small-town boy is reaching the zenith of victory because of the international hit of the country. If you are a fan of Punjabi music in Bollywood tracks, then Guru Randhawa’s songs are perfect for you.

Guru Randhawa achieved massive success by becoming one of the Indians singers who collaborated with International singers for an album. People have got addicted to Punjabi music that has become a new drug in the music industry. Without some Punjabi tadka, there can never be an actual party. They are a real crowd pleaser and are indeed something worth going on the dancefloor shaking and rolling.

Guru Randhawa’s tracks are big heart-pumping music, and that is why the people love them making him the necessity of every party. And that is what made Guru Randhawa one of the most celebrated singers.

From singing solos to duets, he has also sung for movies. Some of his amazing tracks that are his albums include

Ban Ja Rani


Kaun Nachdi

Tere Te


Raat Kamaal Hai




Ishare Tere

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