Best Darshan Raval's tracks that are a must on your Spotify playlist

10 Darshan Raval’s Songs You Need to Hear on Spotify

Darshan Raval recently released his new album Tere Naal with Tulsi Kumar. He is always by himself and busy with writing and focusing on new songs, and relaxing. He has been the heartthrob since his debut and still continues to be. On the ladder towards success, he surely will prevail to be a massive star.

Darshan Raval is a self-taught musician who taught himself to sing and learned guitar through YouTube tutorials. We all are right now at stay-at-home order to keep ourselves safe. And it has been stressful times for all of us with growing cases of Covid19 all over the world. And so why not listen to some mind-soothing songs that were sung by him.

Here are the best of top 10 tracks by Darshan Raval that surely must be on our playlist and must be heard at least once. Open your Spotify playlist and add these to your list.

Tere Naal

Hawa Banke

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh

Pehla Varsad

Do Din

Tu Ne Hoon

Keech Meri Photo

Tere Siva

Main Woh Chaand

Nazar Sarsari

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