Would you want to unleash that crazy one out of you? Here are perfect Guru Randhawa's songs to get high on

10 Guru Randhawa’s songs made fans go crazy

Guru Randhawa as we know he is the Punjabi singer to let it off with an ace. He is someone who knows what he is doing and does it like a pro when it comes to music and him. Punjabi songs have always been delightful but he has made those even more worth a while by adding a bit of twinge twist to it. He brought Punjabi music to Bollywood giving us some remarkable mixes.

Let’s get a bit senti-wala-mental and unleash that craziness within with these amazing tracks by Guru Randhawa. He is the one to get us all high with his amazing songs.

Slowly Slowly,

Kaun Nachdi,

Suit Suit,

Daaru Wargi,

Nachle Na,

Morni Banke,

Enni Soni,


Tere Te,

Raat Kamaal Hai,

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