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Guru Randhawa's high boosting songs that are a must-add for a workout playlist

10 Guru Randhawa’s songs you need to add to your self-workout playlist

High powered Punjabi tracks with a mix of Bollywood music is all we need to get our metabolism-boosting. Whenever we workout, it is the majority of what music is bursting through our ears that motivates us to keep going and do that one last rep.

When it is the right music, it helps us to stay focused and motivated during the workout. Music works as a personal trainer who tells us to keep pushing. It will be better for us to do the gym and think of it as some high school dance where you just follow the rhythm and move along.

So here are some Guru Randhawa’s tracks that will help you put on your sweats and start that squat right away

High Rated Gabru


Slowly Slowly

Made In India

Ishare Tere

Morni Banke

Suit Suit


Surma Surma

Ik Gera

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