Guru Randhawa has made a special opening in the hearts of millions. Here are his most streamed songs

10 Guru Randhwa’s Most Streamed Songs

The high-rated king of all our hearts, Guru Randhawa has taken millions of hearts for his amazing Punjabi-Bollywood mixes. His songs are unique and they are top at a must party number. His songs are A1 on the list. And one can even dance pretending to be drunk on thumbs up. He is an amazing singer beyond comparison.

There are some of his tracks that he has received a tremendous amount of love from the people. He even went to collaborate internationally with Pitbull. Here are the top 10 of his most-streamed tracks.

High Rated Gabru

Ishq Tera

Yaar Mod Do

Surma Surma



Made In India


Daaru Wargi


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