Guru Randhawa songs are too good to not be missed. Add them to your playlist now

10 songs of Guru Randhawa that are too magnificent to miss

Guru Randhawa, the heartthrob of the industry, with his voice has risen a storm. Truly with such a remarkable voice and amazing songs to listen to he is a havoc machine. If you miss any of his tracks, you are not enjoying your music and missing a lot.

Being able to collaborate with Pitbull to singing some rock on party numbers Guru Randhawa has set his ship sail towards the peak of success. His maleficent tracks are something you hit or miss. They have to be there on your playlist. And if you are wondering as to why they are so talked about. Then let me tell you… He has a Punjabi spice to his Bollywood tadka songs that make them more audience favorite and blockbusters.

Here are a few of his top-notch tracks that you need to get on your party list now…

Surma Surma,

Made In India,

Ladki Lahore,

Yaar Mod Do,

Raat Kamaal Hai,

Slowly Slowly,



Daaru Wargi,

Kaun Nachdi

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