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Top Darshan Raval songs, a perfect playlist one could wish for

4 Darshan Raval’s Best Songs Of The Year So Far

Darshan Raval has our heart since the day we heard him sing as a contestant. The way he sang Kabhie Jo Baadal Barse by adding a melody and twist of his own, he has been on our hearts. That was the moment we all knew that he would make it big if he ever set foot in the industry. And it turned true. Today, he is one of the most loved and appreciated singers in the industry. So much so that he is considered to be the next-gen of the music world.

Though people got to know him through a television show, his YouTube song Tera Zikr made him immensely popular. He has given us pieces from party pumping numbers to sad, slow tracks that are huge chartbusters with his voice full of filled nests. Indeed, the guy has raised our hopes on better music from the other artists after listening to him sing. And that is because of the intensity he carries in his voice is remarkable.

Best 4 Darshan Raval’s songs that will make your day

Tere Naal


Asal Mein

Tu Mileya

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