A perfect playlist for your lockdown wedding with these Darshan Raval's songs

4 Darshan Raval’s Songs Perfect For LOCKDOWN Wedding Ceremony

A few of you might have been intending your big wedding day for years. A few might have also made plans and dreamt of the big day as a kid. Some might as well have made a journal planning all the stuff as Monica Geller did. From your dupatta to accessories matching your partners’ sherwani. Also planned all the pose and photoshoot options as well as every detail of your wedding from the bridal entrance to bidaai. But people getting married in 2020 might have just gotten all their plans, dreams, and hopes scattered.

Because of Coronavirus, we all have been suffering physically as well as mentally. And with our wedding dreams going down the drain, it would be nothing but heartbreaking. But it’s never too late to celebrate. By maintaining social distancing and inviting a handful of people, your dreamy wedding can come true. And for that, we need the right playlist.

Darshan Raval, with his voice, will always be the best option for every mood. Plan your wedding and dance it off with these fantastic tracks by him because marriage and fun are never to be compromised.

Do Din

Hawa Banke


Dil Mera Blast

Ishq Chadha

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