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If you are a Darshan Raval's fan, then these songs will make you have a great time at parties

5 Darshan Raval’s Dance Songs for Parties

Darshan Raval is a phenomenal singer that everyone is trying to figure out. His exceptional voice has left each one in the music industry lost for words. He certainly deserves all the love and appreciation that he receives from the masses. Since his debut in the music industry, he has become a big-time star from just a small-town boy who used to perform at colleges or small gatherings.

Darshan Raval truly amazes everyone with his incredible voice and emotional songs that directly make way into their hearts. He has been the heart stealer of many ladies with not just his songs but looks and fashion to die for. He always works to impress his fans and well-wishers. If you have ever heard his voice, you will know why so many people are obsessed with Darshan Raval and hold him as their apple of the eye.

If you plan to have an online party or a party ‘after’ the pandemic, why not list some of his good songs and make the perfect playlist?


Tere Naal

Asal Mein

Dil Mera Blast


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