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Best Darshan Raval's songs that are fit for every monsoon days

5 Darshan Raval’s Romantic Songs For Monsoon

Bollywood and romantic stories have always been a fantastic combination. To top it off, rain and the stars dancing in the rain make it more fun and lively ever. There have been numerous songs written on monsoon in the Bollywood music industry. The storm is considered to be a whole new vibe altogether.

But monsoon is not the same as it’s depicted in the movies. It is not just filled with uncertainty raining the exact day we decide to keep our umbrella at home. Also, it is a road filled with potholes, cars driving by splashing water all over the side walkers, and not to forget the never-ending traffic. But to make all this feel better, how about a garam chai and some good music? Wouldn’t that just make your groggy day ten times more wonderful?

So here is Darshan Raval with some of his beautiful melodies that are perfect for monsoon. They are romantic and mind soothing.
Ye Baarish

Baarish Lete Aana

Dil Mera Blast

Tera Zikr

Asal Mein

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