Darshan Raval's songs are not something that can be missed. Here are a few that you must listen to

5 Darshan Raval’s Songs You Must Hear At Least Once

Darshan Raval is making a space for himself in the hearts of masses with his hit voice. He is the current chartbuster singer in the industry. Each of his songs has managed to gain millions of views on YouTube.

Darshan Raval, born and brought up in Ahmedabad, is a spectacular singer. His tracks are perfect for every emotional and romantic time. Darshan is not just a singer but also writes his songs, who truly has impressed the masses. His voice is filled with passion, and that makes people attracted to his songs like a magnet.

At India’s Raw Star audition, Darshan Raval made every eye roll and stared at his mesmerizing voice in awe. He made a huge success after his hit track Tera Zikr that reached more than 100 million love from the audience. He is continually trying to make his new piece of music different and unique from his earlier one. But at the same time, he also keeps in mind to keep up with the expectations of the masses.

These are the fantastic five songs sung by him that you must listen to at least once if you are a Darshan Raval’s fan. They will surely stick in your head for the rest of the day:


Tera Zikr

Do Din

Tu Mileya

Jab Tum Chaho

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