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Best Darshan Raval's tracks that will be jingle-jangle for you. Add them to your playlist

5 Darshan Raval’s Songs That Will Get You High

We have always heard that music is a drug. It is one of the best addictions one could opt for. If you chose the right songs, it will not just get your closure with yourself but also will help you escape the reality for a little while with melody. Music is a drug that is not just some catchy slogan that is printed on a T-shirt. The music increases your heartbeat and enhances your mood if you are listening to the right one or you like what you hear.

So next time when you think of getting high, you don’t have to break any law. All you need to do is plug in your earphones and listen to good music. It’s super trippy. So don’t feel left out and high on vibes and high on life with some fantastic tracks by Darshan Raval.

Here is a playlist by Darshan Raval to help you with the process

Mera Dil Dil Dil


Ye Baarish

Do Din


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