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Best of Guru Randhawa's songs that will give you feels

5 Guru Randhawa’s Songs That Will Get You High

Guru Randhawa is the special one in the music industry who sings a concoction of Punjabi with Bollywood music. His songs are genuinely party material and will make you experience a different type of high. You can just close your eyes and listen along the rhythm pretending to be high on Pepsi at 2 am of the night at your house.

Music is a drug, and you don’t need illegal drugs like weed or pot to get yourself high. Music has been a harmless high that one can take without worrying about the consequences. It will surely transfer you to another world, all glee and stress-free.

Guru Randhawa’s songs are A1 on the list that no one can beat. There are some of his tracks that he has received a tremendous amount of love. He even went to collaborate internationally. He has also sung some incredible love songs, and they are gorgeous. Let’s get high on these great pumping party anthems by Guru Randhawa.

High Rated Gabru

Daru Warg

Suit Suit

Slowly Slowly

Ban Ja Rani

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