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Dedicate these love tracks for your love interest by Guru Randhawa

5 Guru Randhawa’s Songs That Will Remind You Of Your Beloved

Everyone hopes to have a fairytale love story. But today we find the magical moments not by stalking someone until they fall in love with us or by written letters. But today it happens by sliding into that person’s DM’s or swapping left or right. One can find a fling but finding true love is difficult in today’s times.

Though ways of finding one true love have changed, one thing remains constant, and that is expressing oneself through songs when our words fall short or can’t make the perfect romantic point. Songs jump in to save your day. On a date or planning to propose music will make the moment more magical and ideal one.

Guru Randhawa, in his Punjabi style, has sung some outstanding records to express to your one true love. If you belong to that lucky couples, who have already found their lucky match, listen and dedicate these beautiful love records. A new love story requires a modern touch of music.

Guru Randhawa with his very best romantic tracks

Suit Suit

Ishq Tera

Ishare Tere

Ban Ja Rani

Raat Kamaal Hai

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