Some beautiful tracks by Guru Randhawa that are a bit weird but good to listen to

5 Guru Randhawa’s Weird And Wonderful Songs

Just as the tag of KurKure says Teedha Hai Par Mera Hai, the same way many of Bollywood music has been ‘Pointless Hai Par Superhit Hai’ as it is not the lyrics that have to be good. A great voice and music can make a song hit. If you look at any track in the music industry, the majority of the song lyrics make no sense at all. They are weird if you read the verses, but the singer makes the song a hit one.

Not all the songs have to make some sense to be a hit and let people love it. Sometimes the melody also does the work of creating that song a hit one. They can be meaningless lyrics to something mediocre but surely if a singer like Guru Randhawa is the one singing surely the song is bound to be a super hit.

Guru Randhawa is the hit machine of the music industry. His songs have been super hit and chartbusters. He has won the hearts of his fans with many of Punjabi music mixed with Bollywood songs. This is what makes him stand out.

Here are a few of Guru Randhawa’s songs that are weird and sometimes make no sense but surely he has gardened them to a huge hit.

High Rated Gabru

Suit Suit


Slowly Slowly

Daru Wargi

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