Check out these 5 songs by Jennifer Lopez that are definitely going to win your heart!

5 Jennifer Lopez’s Songs That Deserve A Spot In Your Heart!

Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as J.Lo by the fans, is undoubtedly multi-talented. She is an actress, dancer, singer, a businesswoman, and what else? She has got a lot of talent. As a singer, she has entertained and won the hearts of her fans ever since the 90s and the early 00s. Jennifer Lopez has dropped several hit songs including dance numbers and romantic ones too. Her versatility in music has impressed many. Jennifer has grabbed several prestigious awards with her songs too.
Jennifer Lopez is considered as one of the best music selling artists of Hollywood. She has never disappointed her fans with her performance. Starting her career as a dancer, to one of the top and highest paid singers of Hollywood, Jennifer has proved herself. She is loved by many of her supporters. She has made her place in the hearts of millions and millions of people, all around the world.

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If you haven’t listened to Jennifer Lopez’s songs then, you have missed something really great. The singer has got the power to make the listeners groove along with her on the beats. She can lift up your mood anytime. Jennifer Lopez and her songs do deserve a spot in your playlist and in your precious heart too. Listen to these songs by Jennifer Lopez and we assure you that they are definitely going to make a place in your heart!

1. On The Floor ft. Pitbull (2011)

2. Waiting For Tonight (2009)

3. Let’s Get Loud (1999)

4. Jenny from the Block (2009)

5. Ain’t Your Mama (2016)

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