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Best of Jennifer Lopez's tracks that will not just elevate your day but also inspire you

5 Jennifer Lopez’s Songs That Gives Life Lessons

Jennifer Lopez has inspired us with her fantastic fitness routine and body figure. She has set a deep imprint in the world of entertainment. Not just her music but also her acting, fashion, beauty, and not to forget dance are the talk of the town. Some of her most popular tracks include On the Floor, Live it Up, Ain’t Your Mama, and more.

Suppose you want to have a fresh motivating start, listen to these top 5 tracks by Jennifer Lopez that will inspire you to aspire. Best five tracks that give valuable lessons.

Ain’t Your Mama is a high women-empowering track. The song tries to overthrow all the stereotypical roles that have been given to women leading to a revolt. The song is a perfect motivator for every woman around the globe.

Get Right is one of JLo’s popular tracks. The song will make yourself together and move on with life. With her voice, the song gives a sudden surge of energy. Also, the video does its part of being convincing enough.

Feel The Light, the song will not just instantly light up your mood but also give you an essential note of not waiting but keep moving.

Waiting For Tonight is the most popular track even after decades of its release. Jennifer still performs the track.

I’m Gonna Be Alright, if you are looking for a song that will motivate you not just to look out for yourself but also getting out of a toxic relationship, then this is the one.

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