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Most underappreciated songs that deserve a second chance by Darshan Raval

5 Underrated Darshan Raval’s Songs

With new Music always coming, it is challenging to keep up, and so many times, a few songs are missed. And then they don’t get the attention and hype that they deserve. We have many new budding singers and iconic old ones, so we have substantial musical discoveries.

Here we present a list of most precious songs by Darshan Raval that miss the hit. They are amazing and incredible but underappreciated. Hence, why not give them a second chance? Listen to these forgotten, ignored, underrated songs by Darshan that are worth the hype as other songs get.

Darshan Raval is a beautiful singer, and his voice is mesmerizing. He is an uprising star, and so he doesn’t fit into the new making artist nor the old classic artist category. He is the one who fits into the next-gen artist; we all need to hear for a change. Hence many times, many of his songs don’t get the due credit as they are lost along the way. We have missed a lot of gems by him in the midst of it all.

Therefore, here are the best vocals by Darshan Raval that you will soon be obsessed with.

Ishq Chada Hai

Kevo Thayo Pagal Hoon

Tu Dua Hai

Shab Tum Ho

Rishta Tha

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