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Make your couple dance memorable by some great Darshan Raval songs.

6 Darshan Raval’s Songs For A Couple Dance Performance On Your Sangeet

Indian wedding is all about shor sharaba with lots of glitz and glamour. But the most fantastic party night is the sangeet ceremony. Partying like it is the last day of our lives with the whole family dancing together. But amongst all this, some great performances by your friends, families, and others comes the most awaited one. And that is dulha dulhan dance. The one that gets everyone go ‘aww’.

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But what could be more magical other than the lovers syncing to the music? Then dancing to some naughty tracks as well as some romantic songs. The couple’s performance is the highlight of the whole sangeet ceremony.

And so it is essential to choose the playlist likewise. With some of the amazing Darshan Raval’s tracks mentioned below, why not make your couple dance worthwhile? Make your Sangeet playlist more magical with some of Darshan Raval’s hit tracks.

Dil Mera Blast



Do Din

Hawa Banke


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