Once in a lifetime, you must listen to vocal rendition by Darshan Raval that is pure bliss

6 Darshan Raval’s Songs to listen to in your lifetime

Darshan Raval has received a tremendous amount of fame starting from his Raw Star days. Since his day one as a contestant, he has made everyone stop and stare in awe at his fantastic voice. He always dreams of becoming the “Darshan Raval” and not replace someone in the industry.

The fun fact about Darshan Raval is he is no trained singer. He has taught how to sing to himself as well as learned to play the guitar by himself through tutorials. He is a very talented boy who also writes and composes music for oneself. The one to be highly respected and appreciated and even his songs must be heard at least once in a lifetime.

Darshan Raval has a very spectacular voice and has gained millions of fans for his soulful vocals. His songs are the ones you can relate to and listen to anytime. To say romantic track by Darshan Raval is like a ballad but with a contemporary twist. He believes in failure and working hard up all over again. Why not give him a chance and listen to his beautiful melodies?

Yaara Teri Yaari


Tere Naal



Dil Mera Blast

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