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Let Darshan Raval's tracks be the lullabies that put you to sleep

6 Darshan Raval’s Songs That Will Put You To Sleep

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful sleep, music will work as the best remedy. If you have turned into a night owl and recently are finding it harder to sleep, music will be your best penniless medicine. It has been put to research and found that you do not just enhance your mood by listening to music, it will make you laugh and cry but set you dozing off within a few minutes.

Why go for expensive therapies? And go popping pills that might even cause some severe side effects. Music would not just calm your nerves but also give you the best sleep you have had in years. And this is the best way that is practiced and followed across cultures and by various massage places.

Give these Darshan Raval’s tracks a shot. Surely, Darshan Raval will be your doctor tonight, and he will surely sing you to sleep with his melodious voice.

Mera Dil Dil

Ye Baarish

Tera Zikr

Kaash Aisa Hota

Bhula Diya

Tu Dua Hai

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